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Keep it but because you will need it.
Keep it because it will help you.
Keep it because it will be all you need at that time.
Keep it because it will be the only way out.


Sappy But True.

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Karma Is A Funny Thing



I love my husband.  I REALLY love my husband. Some people may gag at that thought. I am not a “sappy” person, so for me to write this open “love” note to my husband is a tad over the top for me.  But he deserves it.

We met nineteen years ago.  We dated casually.  We lived across the street from each other in a hip little town. He was a surfer that managed a surf shop.  I owned a coffee house.  He would throw the biggest and best parties in town.  Everyone knew him.  And he liked ME. Well, and two other girls…but that is why I say we dated casually.  I tease him about that to this day, but I had also dated another person at the time too so we were not really taking relationships too seriously yet. 

Life got sticky. Family. Work. Money. I…

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Hi guys, am so sorry I have been away for so long.

Guess am forgiven, so can I have a welcome back. 🙂


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It took too long for it to come ryt? its here anyway 🙂

Be Fun – Did you ever have fun with your partner early in your marriage or during your engagement stage? I know you both hung out  and took walks in the park,went to the beach, baseball games, plays movies an a lot more, you did things that was fun and enjoyable for both of you.

so why do  you think you can’t have fun now, because your are married now?

Be Honest – Be sincere and truthful in your communications . If you are worried or hurting about something ,talk about it honestly. You know when the door is opened for that honest communication with your partner or spouse,so don’t be afraid to do it.


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So we started yesterday with tips on having a healthy relationship , if u missed it,  you can check my archives.

we re good to go now.

Be Encouraging – Say word of encouragement to your spouse when they do something great, tell them that they did a great job or work.It can only encourage them to keep pleasing you.right?

Be Genuine – In your communications, have  spirit of genuineness and not sighing, pouting or complaining about something.if you have been with them for long enough , they will detect if you are genuine or just doing it for self gain.Do it for love.

Be Fearless – Don’t be afraid to try new things in your marriage or relationship to make it more enjoyable.Go some places new (even if is to a new park or restaurant), try  new bedroom move (just don’t hurt yourself), try  new perfume /cologne to entice your spouse (or as the old timers used to say, new ”come and get me sauce”). Just don’t be afraid to try a new thing, this is your spouse and you entitled to have  great time with them.

And the best thing about it is ”IT’S 100% LEGAL.




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How can you be encouraged to have a healthy marriage or relationship when the signs of divorce are posted everywhere?

Here are a few tips that will help you on your quest towards a healthy marriage :

1.Be Appreciative – Tell your spouse that you appreciate them and everything that they do for you, even the small things.

2.Be Committed – Stand strong in your commitment to save your marriage or relationships and make it healthy again. If you don’t stand up for your marriage , who will?

3.Be Communicative – keep those lines of communication open with your spouse .Talk to them daily and just discuss family matters or matters of the heart with them.It shows inclusion and promotes openness. You should also make your request known to God, who will hear you in your walk to a healthy marriage.